Walking with the Wounded Senior Pastors Retreat

Many pastors silently face opposition in the areas of relationships, finances, insecurity, disloyalty, scrutiny (living in a glass house), lack of adequate familial support, lack of privacy, being on call, and not being ministered to.  These silent painful issues lead to diminished quality of life, competition between churches/pastors, and lack of true friends and/or confidants  which further exacerbate mental and emotional conditions leading to depression, anxiety, immoral behaviors, addictions, suicide and suicide attempts.

Walking with the Wounded Senior Pastors Retreat provides a safe, intimate, and confidential environment where Pastors can connect, release, and receive from the Holy Spirit and others of like precious faith. As we walk with the wounded it is imperative that we obediently respond to the mandate of rest so that we are healed as we go about our Father’s Business.

Preaching Engagements
1 Timothy 2

Intercessory Lock In and Prophetic Release

On December 11, 2020 beginning at 9:00 p.m. and concluding on December 12, at 6:00 a.m. HLF ministry partners and friends will join together with one voice and on one accord to pray in thanksgiving to Jesus our Lord for the many ways He has preserved us through this pandemic year.  We will be interceding on the behalf of those who mourn and celebrating with those who have triumphed!  Let us know that you’re interested in attending by sending an email request to healingloveforgiveness@gmail.com.  There will be intercession and prayer, teaching on the power of gratitude in seasons of difficulty and worship in praise and song.  Space is limited so please respond today.  

Marriage CPR - Covenant, Protection and Restoration - Marriage Retreat

Marriage is a gift from God intended to allow us to experience divine love through human male and female relationships.  Because of the fall of man beginning in the Garden of Eden, seeds of discord were planted in the marriage union between Adam and Eve and nothing save the power and love of God can uproot the scheme of satan to kill steal and destroy the marriage, family and generation.   This retreat is designed to take us back to the intent of God for the marriage by assisting marriages through the power of the Holy Spirit to heal, love and forgive!


Assemble the Prophets Retreat Conference

This conference is designed for first responders, helping professionals and caregivers who have struggled with trauma related
issues which have left residual fear and shame, and for those who have lived vicariously through the trauma and grief of others.
Have you been feeling harassed or tormented with fear, depression, anxiety, and or shame? Do you find it difficult to forgive
yourself or others? Do you feel trapped in feelings of helplessness or hopelessness? There is hope. There is life after trauma.
You have a purpose greater than what you have known up until now and the Lord Jesus has purposed for you to discover who
you are in this season.  Do you understand what it means to be prophetic? Do you wonder if everyone is prophetic? Are you unsure if  you have a gift – prophetic or otherwise?   This workshop is a time of coming into your own through the power of healing, love and forgiveness which
shall enable you to lay hold of your life calling!

Forgiving Dad and Mom - Healing Parent Wounds

A two day panel discussion and workshop designed to assist people who’ve experienced trauma, abandonment, neglect and abuse at the hands of a parent or parents who themselves may have been victims of addictions, co-dependency, narcissism, anger, detachment and alienation.

Mother and Daughter