Healing Love Forgiveness conference left me feeling pregnant. I am full. When the doctor tells you you are expecting a child, there is a feeling of joy, delight, and excitement. That's what I am feeling right now! There is also a tinge of fear, anticipation, and wonder as to whether or not you are prepared, worthy, capable of the responsibility that lies ahead. I am experiencing this, too. But I am ready. I am full of life and willingly tasked with the responsibility to promote growth. I can't keep this good feeling for myself alone. The process has begun. I am healing. By sharing, crying, laughing, holding and being held- I have lost weight. HLF was a health fest! I have been reminded to love myself and in that, I am able to better love others. Being this open allows me to forgive. The two day conference has been life changing and oh, so rewarding.
Healing Love Forgiveness
Clarise Hicks
In the quiet of the morning, overlooking the lake at Kingsmill, I knew I was at the right place. The hearts and the stories of the women in the conference were heavy on me. In opening up my prayers for them, the Lord has blessed me. I know now that I must give more out to receive more in. There are new doors opening for me. I am excited to see where they are and what they will look like.
Healing Love Forgiveness
Gayle E. Harris, MSW,
Living Life Matters
I am thankful to have been able to participate in the first Healing Love and Forgiveness Fall Women's Conference and Retreat. The experience was truly a spiritually transforming event. It was phenomenal!!!!!
Healing Love Forgiveness
Susan Lewis
Social Worker